Effects of global warming

What effect does CO2 have on the climate?

CO2 absorbs part of the heat emitted by the earth into space and radiates it back to the earth. This is what is called the  greenhouse effect.

What are the consequences of climate change?

Storms are coming
The warmer the oceans, the more water evaporates. The higher the air temperature, the more water the clouds absorb. 
Heat waves and droughts, as well as heavy rainfall, may become more frequent and more severe as a result.
In North America, some regions are already suffering from soil loss due to drought – in California for instance. Hot, dry summers dry out the soil. Reservoirs hold less water, rivers dwindle to trickles, and there is a shortage of water. As a result, fields and forests burn.
Polar ice caps melt
Due to warming, the earth’s ice is melting. This is especially noticeable in the mountains and at the poles or in the North of Canada. At the South Pole, ice sheets break apart and drift northward as icebergs. 
The sea level rises
As a result the sea level rises. Storm surges have an even more devastating effect due to the higher water level, soils become salinized. 30 of the 50 largest cities are located at the sea level.
Find below how we are committing to help mitigate those climate change consequences through our sustainable drainage products.

Proven eco-friendliness

• We are a member of the largest communal climate protection network in Austria as well as of
• ÖGNI – Austrian Sustainable Building Council and
• DGNB – German Sustainable Building Council

The Climate Alliance is a global partnership to protect the climate, linking over 1,600 communities in 24 countries across Europe with indigenous peoples in South America. 

The common goals are: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preservation of the Amazon rainforest.

Certifications: For our FILCOTEN ® HPC factory
• Introduction of environmental management (ISO 14001:2015 )
• Introduction of energy management (ISO 50001:2011)
• Introduction of quality management (ISO 9001:2015).

Full transparency – nature deserves it. 

With FILCOTEN HPC, we are following a unique path of total transparency and have subjected the system to rigorous, independent environmental analysis. That takes the form of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for phases A1-A4 in line with ISO 14040 & ISO 14044 or EN 15804 and using recognized indicators such as the Global Warming Potential (GWP), Cumulative Energy Expenditure (CEE) and Abiotic Resource Use (ARU)

At BG-Graspointner, we do our best to be as transparent as we can to show you in what way we offer sustainable trench drain solutions. We place our products’ life cycle assessment results at your disposal for you to be able to comply with your project product selection. All our LCAs are analyzed and verified by the ECODESIGN company and ESU-services.

  • Greater ecological transparency under ISO 14040/14044 and EN 15804 
  • Ideal for sustainable construction projects

One victory, two winners.

FILCOTEN® HPC in comparison to conventional concrete.

A comparison of drainage channels made of FILCOTEN HPC and conventional concrete yields two winners: On the one hand is FILCOTEN HPC and on the other – the environment. Because, as the example calculation shows, the use of BG-FILCOTEN channels significantly reduces CO2 emissions. This gives the term „win-win situation“ a completely new, global meaning.

CO₂ equivalents (CO₂e) = unit of measurement of climate impact in terms of global warming potential.

For 500 meters of FILCOTEN HPC trench drains compared to traditional concrete trench drains, the savings in CO2 generated emissions corresponds to a car traveling approx. 18 700 km or a 40-ton truck traveling approx. 4 500 km.

To convert 4,500 kg of CO2 in one day, some 160 hectares of forest (approx. 223 football pitches) are needed. (source:

Across all age categories, one hectare of forest converts around 13 tonnes of CO2 per year. A beech tree binds 12.5 kg of greenhouse gas per year.

Sustainable production

  • All of our FILCOTEN HPC products are manufactured with 100% green power
  • We have put in place a resource-efficient manufacturing process
  • We try our best to optimize the avoidance of superfluous waste

Comprehensively resource-efficient

We rely on recyclable raw materials. 

Most of our products are made of mineral raw materials or metal. They are therefore 100% recyclable and can be assigned to quality class U-A according to the certification by the Salzburg Institute for Construction Engineering Research (bvfs), a state accredited test and research facility for building constructions and building materials.

  • 100% recyclable
  • Quality class U-A

Certified for sustainability and low emissions

  • IBR certified building biology material relating to: heavy metals, VOCs, biocides and radioactivity, styrene-free.
  • Our KIWA certificate confirms the fulfillment of the safety and the environmental health requirements on the basis of “Precast Concrete Products”  (Basis BRL-5070 / Certificate number NL BSB® K43940).

What defines innovative technology?

Maximum performance and sustainability.

We work with the power of nature for its preservation.

For over 50 years we have relied on engineering made in Austria, to produce technologically advanced and eco-friendly products.

Extremely durable
  • Heat, Frost and UV-resistant
  • High impact resistance and stability
  • High compressive strength
  • Lightweight, quick installation
  • Non-flammable
  • No pollutants
  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% renewable energy for the production
  • Will not pollute or harm the environment

but gentle to the environment:

Impact strength and eco-friendliness are two key features which make FILCOTEN® your only choice.

The material combines the best features of concrete channels, using a patented fiber enriched formula instead of the environmentally harmful resins.
FILCOTEN® is unrivaled in the market place, and admired for sustainability and strength. FILCOTEN® complies with the EN 1433 standard and the ASTM A112.6.3.2001 floor and trench drain standard.

Temperature, Frost and UV-resistant

FILCOTEN® channels are made of cement-bonded fiber composites, which react to changes in temperature in the same way as the surrounding concrete bedding. It is also resistant to de-icing salts, and cold as low as -40° F.

Product impact stability

The high impact resistance and stability of FILCOTEN® ensures easy, quicker installation, and greater safety when installing the channels.

100 % recyclable

Every ounce of a FILCOTEN® channel is completely recyclable. Filcoten has been tested by the soil and building materials testing facility in Linz, Austria.

Lower transport costs, swifter installation

Depending on the type of channel, FILCOTEN® channels are up to 70 % lighter than conventional concrete channels.
FILCOTEN® is committed to conserving resources and decreasing its CO2 emissions. The lower weight also facilitates easy installation on site.

World classs design and craftmanship

The flat inner surface of FILCOTEN® channels are highly crafted making the surface extremely smooth in order to minimize friction. This attention to detail achieves the best possible flow characteristics and a superior self-cleaning action.
The textured outer surface ensures a perfect bond with the concrete bed.

High compressive strength

A high quality cement infused with a high proportion of fibers enables thin-walled channel design while yielding a high compression strength. FILCOTEN® channels are therefore lighter, and easily out-perform most competitors.


While plastics are both flammable and often emit hazardous fumes when ignited, the complete absence of resins, catalyst and bonding agents make FILCOTEN® completely no flammable. FILCOTEN® has a Fire Rating of A1. 

0 % Harmful substances, heavy metals or VOC‘s

FILCOTEN® is free from artificial resins and solvents. This means it is harmless to the environment, employees, or the installation team. FILCOTEN® channel bodies have been bio-constructively tested and are recommended by the IBR (Institut fur Baubiologie Rosenheim GmbH).

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