Available in nominal width 6”, 8”

The first of its kind – and the
most sustainable.

The new, revolutionary BG-FILCOTEN® one trench drain is a good example of channel and grating cast in one piece – for the first time made from the most innovative material on the market: BG-FILCOTEN® HPC (High Performance Concrete).

  • Monolithic structure, no movable parts in the standard channel body
  • Available in nominal widths of 6” (150mm) & 8” (200mm)
  • For dynamic exposure in road traffic, extremely robust and safe
  • Load classes D 400 – F900 according to EN 1433
  • Fire protection class A1 – non combustible
  • Optimal linear expansion coefficient for the mineral surrounding (concrete)
  • 100% recyclable
  • Resistant to rapid freezing & thawing according to ASTM C666, and to chloride ion penetration according to ASTM C1202


Product features

  • Non-directional tongue/groove/tenon system for easy and fast installation in either direction
  • Innovative S-Design of the inflow openings for the best grip and efficient rainwater inflow, slot widths according to EN 1433
  • Innovative W profile design for optimum hydraulic performance and high self-cleaning effect
  • Easy to handle sealing system through preformed groove on front/end sides ensuring tight fit and connection
  • Monolithic structure with element made entirely of BG-FILCOTEN® HPC – extremely robust and wear resistant
  • Extremely durable hold in the concrete bed with lateral anchoring pockets for anchorage in concrete bed, and perfect connection between HPC and concrete
  • One solution for all applications like airports, highways, railway crossings, roundabouts, harbours, parking, logistic centers etc.


Well thought-out
elements make an
outstanding system.

  • Basic channel – standard (neutral) construction depth no. 0, total length 1,000 mm / 39.37″
  • Revision element – maintenance access element with cast iron grating, total length 1,000 mm / 39.37″
  • One grating – one design – consistent S-design also for the cast iron grating with 4 point bolting (class F900)
  • Front/end cap – with tongue/groove/tenon system for closure of channel run
  • End cap with outlet – with tongue/groove/tenon system for closure of channel run with socket DN 150 / 6″, DN 200 / 8″
  • Adapter Cap – for stepped slope installation
  • Retention and stepped slope – 40-0 depth (20 cm / 7.87” deeper than no. 0) for higher hydraulic requirements

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Tongue/groove/tenon system for easy installation.

The design of the tongue/groove/ tenon system at the face end ensures that the channel elements match in any direction of installation. Installation becomes easier and more efficient. Wedge shaped connectors enable precise connection of the channel elements and keep them at correct distance for sealing profile to work optimally.

… and seals

Smart sealing system.

The new smart sealing system prevents water leaking between the channel elements and guarantees uncomplicated handling. The sealing is simply inserted into the circular groove at the face side of the element.

Innovation for increased precision: Wedge-shaped connectors enable precise connection of the channel elements and keep them at the correct distance for the sealing profile to work optimally.

Direction-independent installation: The design of the tongue/groove/ tenon system at the face end ensures that the channel elements match in any direction of installation. Installation becomes easier and more efficient.

Precise fitting: Thanks to the half-side tongue/groove/tenon system, the channels are exactly aligned in a longitudinal direction when connected, without any lateral shifting. At the same time, the chamfered base offers sufficient “space” for installation mortar.

Easy handling included: The sealing is simply inserted into the circular groove at the face side of the element. Moulded lamellas stop the sealing slipping out of the groove.

Fitting on both face sides for outstanding sealing performance: When fitting a drainage channel, only one sealing profile is required per drainage joint, and is pressed into the free groove of the facing element thanks to the precisely fitting tongue/groove/tenon system. This way, the joint is sealed tightly.

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at any time.


Good design always serves a specific purpose – and the purpose of a drainage channel is very clear: The surface water is to be drained as efficiently as possible. Based on this criterion, the design of BG-FILCOTEN® one is simply fantastic.

Perfectly dimensioned inlet openings

– large enough to enable a high rainwater inflow for quick draining
– at the same time, small enough to prevent the entry of coarse dirt and hold it back on the top surface of the drainage system

Structured surface for more grip

– the grating surface has anti-slip structure
– maximum grip when driven over longitudinally or diagonally

W-profile for any rainwater discharge

– light rain quantities are quickly drained in the two lateral W-chambers
– for stronger rain the high-capacity W-profile offers maximum hydraulic capacity and water spreading volume

Targeted turbulences ensure constant cleaning

– the chambers at the side of the W-profile ensure targeted turbulences of the rainwater
– these turbulences generate a constantly high self-cleaning effect
– even during light rain, thorough and efficient cleaning of the system is ensured

Innovative inlet openings with S-shaped design

– EN1433 compliant inlet opening precisely above the W-profile of the drainage base
– optimised inlet and minimised overflow of surface water thanks to grating surface with innovative S-shaped design

FEM-optimised design

– monolithic drainage system FEM-optimised F900
– structurally tailored design in every detail, e.g. strength and structure of the spans

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Sustainable in every respect,
high-performance down to the last fiber,
or simply FILCOTEN®.

Sustainability and innovation are the central components of our company’s culture. This can be seen from the materials, the manufacturing processes and the energy used. Thus, we are a member of Climate Alliance Austria: the largest municipal climate protection network in Austria. FILCOTEN® HPC (High Performance Concrete) is not just a highly advanced material, but ultimately the result of all our efforts to create cutting-edge technology that is in harmony with nature.

Environmentally friendly production process.
We focus on environmental protection in the production process, too – be it when selecting raw materials or avoiding unnecessary waste. Accordingly, we have implemented a certified environmental/energy management scheme in line with ISO 14001 and 50001 at our site in Oberwang, Austria.

Mineral raw material, recyclable and energy-efficient.
FILCOTEN® HPC is a mineral raw material that is 100% recyclable (certified by BPS GmbH, the Upper Austrian soil and construction materials test center) and free from resins and solvents. To manufacture it, we rely 100% on green electricity and it is nearly free from the use of resins and solvents.

Certified: non-toxic.
• meets the strict criteria of the Rosenheim Institute for Building Biology (IBR)
• does not harm people’s health and the environment
• guaranteed to be ecologically safe as it is tested for biocides, solvents,
VOC, heavy metals and radioactivity


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